About Our Logs

Ready to burn logs are always available. We guarantee a fast delivery to keep your home warm all winter. Find out more about prices and delivery.

Kiln dried logs burn more efficiently, cleaner and hotter. Better for your wood burning stove/open fire and chimney liner, they help reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Burning with less smoke than wetter wood, they’re more environmentally friendly and reduce harmful pollution from domestic solid fuels.

Our logs are BSL authorised and certified by Defra’s Ready to Burn scheme to ensure we maintain highest standards. We source all of our firewood locally from sustainable, properly managed coppiced woodlands.

Our Boiler and Kiln

We installed our Glenfarrow biomass boiler and kiln in 2018. This enables us to dry all of our logs on site to below 20% moisture content, a legal requirement since May 2021. We then barn store and moisture control the logs to ensure they stay dry, ready for immediate use.

Contact Nick & Caroline Reynolds

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